Disinfecting FAQs

How much does it cost?
We estimate cost based on square footage to be treated. the density of high-touch surfaces and objects impacts how long it takes to properly disinfect a workspace.

What surfaces do you treat?
All commonly touched surfaces and objects to include: Doors, Handles, Push Plates, Light Switches, Desks (to be cleared of papers), phones, keyboards/mouse, copiers, chairs, railings, elevators, restrooms, etc.

Do we need to pre-clean prior to treatment?
Yes, highly recommended. Your basic janitorial cleaning should be conducted prior to treatment to increase effectiveness. This includes wiping down all surfaces to remove organic waste.

Should we clean after treatment?
The disinfectant can leave a visible residue on darker objects. It is harmless and easily removed.

How often should we treat?
Professional disinfection should be seen as a part of your overall health and wellness plan. There are many factors that go into the frequency of professional disinfection, to include: Are public visitors frequent or just a core team that you are confident are taking proper protective measures? Are employees washing hands upon entering your space & frequently throughout the day? Are employees keeping their area clean utilizing disinfecting wipes daily? Do you have a janitorial service or cleaning service removing organic waste and conducting general cleaning?

Can we set up recurring treatments?
Yes, we offer discounted pricing based on treatment and area frequency. We offer prepaid packages as well as Significant discounts that apply to spaces that are 5000 sq ft and over.

Can you treat after hours?
Yes, we will do our best to work around your schedule.

What Disinfectant do you use?
We are currently treating with two products approved by the EPA with Emerging Viral Pathogen Kill claims against SARS-CAV-2

How do you apply the disinfectant?
We utilize micron spraying technology to get effective coverage of objects & to eliminate overspray. The two main methods are with Electrostatic sprayers and Airless Sprayers.

Is it safe to treat electronics?
Yes, the mist is very fine, 60-100 microns or about the diameter of a human hair. We take additional precautions when treating keyboards, phones, copiers, etc.

Will it stain fabrics?
At the recommended application rate, we have not seen staining occur on fabrics or carpet. The product is safer than bleach and much less caustic.

How long after treatment can we get back to work?
The disinfectant has a kill claim after 10 minutes of dwell time. after application, it must sit on the surface for 10 minutes undisturbed. We spray at a very fine rate (60-100 microncs) and find that most surfaces are dry after 15 minutes. You can immediately get back to work after dwell time has elapsed.

Does the spray have an odor?
Yes. There will be a slight chlorine smell that dissipates quickly after application leaving what most end users describe as a “clean” or “sterile” smell.

How can we know it works?
We swab the treated areas before and after treatment and run them through a testing device to verify the treatments

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