Our Plantscaping Services

Interior PlantScaping for Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Did you know there are multiple benefits to installing plants in your office? Not only are they visually pleasing, they can also help increase productivity, increase energy levels, purify office air, and lower absenteeism. If you are moving to a new office space or wish to have office plantscaping installed in your current office, the team at Oasis Plantscaping can help! Our goal is to install personalized plantscapes in your Virginia, Washington, D.C., or Maryland office building so you, your employees, and your customers can be wowed by your office’s environment.

We offer the following plantscaping services.

    • InteriorScaping: Adding plants to your office can make a dramatic difference and drastically improve workplace environment. Design, installation, service – we will be there every step of the way.
    • HolidayScaping: Transform your space with our seasonal holidayscaping designs. Custom holiday themes help you choose the exact look to fit your space. We make it easy. Themes available for wreaths, trees, and garland.
    • Living WallScaping: Oasis PlantScaping is one of the leading providers in green walls in the DC metro area. We have teamed up with GSky (link to site) to provide our clients with cutting edge technology in the living wall industry.

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Our team has more than 10 years of office plantscaping installation experience and can help ensure your plantscaping needs are met within a timely and affordable manner. We are available 24 hours a day and provide highly-trained employees for every job. We guarantee you are satisfied with our services, or we will redo your plantscaping installation free of charge. To obtain a free consultation, please call Oasis Plantscaping now at (703) 434-0602! We look forward to transforming your office environment, as well as your employees’ attitudes!

Indoor Plant Maintenance

Ensure Your Plants Are Healthy and Happy

Oasis Plantscaping provides you with highly trained horticultural technicians. Our job is to take care of business so you can focus on yours.

Interior plant maintenance includes the following:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance visits by our certified plant technician
  • Watering, trimming/pruning, cleaning, dusting, shining, fertilizing, and treatment for pests
  • Cleaning and inspection of containers and top dressing to ensure professional appearance
  • As part of our maintenance program, any unhealthy plants will be replaced at no charge
  • 24 hour response time to any customer service concerns.

Ensure your plants remain vibrant and healthy year-round with our exceptional indoor plant maintenance services! With more than 10 years of experience, you can trust the team at Oasis Plantscaping to properly care for your plants. If one of your plantscapes isn’t functioning correctly, we offer 24 hour service.

Please contact our office at (703) 434-0602 to receive a free indoor plant maintenance consultation! We look forward to helping you keep your office looking gorgeous.

Why Oasis Plantscaping?

  • We Are Design Experts
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